I believe that every student in Kentucky House District 41 and across our Commonwealth deserves a high quality education. As a graduate of Jefferson County Public Schools and the mom of a graduate of JCPS and a current JCPS high schooler, I know the importance of education from pre-school to college. I am running because Kentucky was once a state where education pays and we must become a state where we truly value education. As a member of the Board of Fellows of the Women’s Network Commonwealth Institute for Policy Issues and Civic Engagement, I know that one of the primary ways in which we will end the cycle of poverty in our state is by supporting education for every student at every level.

What we can do together…

  • Continue to support programs in Kentucky that work for our children’s education like Head Start – it is unacceptable to have low-income white students and students of color systematically left behind academically
  • Recommit to supporting Family Resource Centers
  • Fight back against cuts to early childhood education and higher education
  • Support voluntary pre-school for four-year-olds
  • Increase funding for afterschool and summer programs across our Commonwealth to help reduce learning loss between educational activities and help to address the academic achievement gap
  • Maintain a focus on eliminating the academic achievement gap for students with disabilities, English as a Second Language students, and low-income students at every level from pre-school to high school
  • Prioritize funding to career and technical schools
  • Identify models of authentic parent engagement and work to implement those big ideas in our schools

I have taught as an Adjunct Faculty member at both Bellarmine University and Jefferson Community & Technical College and know from experience the importance of early childhood education, primary, secondary, and higher education. In order to be competitive in the 21st Century, Louisville and Kentucky need people who are academically, culturally and socially prepared for an ever-increasing global market.

I ask for your support on May 17th because we need a new vision for Kentucky.